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In addition to our usual strange-but-true stories, reader letters, commentary, and the popular Honorary Unsubscribe, This is True used to include a short write-up of a “Bonzer Web Site” — or a cool site of the week. Those write-ups are archived here. (Bonzer is Australian slang meaning “great” or “excellent”. The word is pretty much out of favor in Australia, but Americans know it from various movies).

Part of the idea is to encourage independent content; the Bonzer Sites aren’t about promoting Yet Another MSN/Time-Warner/MegaMedia Conglomerate effort. We have a big readership, and we prefer to use the power of our readership to encourage and reward labors of love over corporate shilling. Thus, Bonzer Sites are not necessarily meant to represent “the best” in any particular category. Rather, they’re meant to bring interesting sites to our readers that they might have otherwise missed. So we’re absolutely not interested in responses like “This week’s site is good, but [whatever site] is better.” Yeah, thanks, but we all know about Google, OK? The point here is to tell you about great sites you may not have already heard about. Because you know what? Sometimes the small, independent sites¬†are significantly better than the well-known ones!

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Please do not suggest sites. We are no longer doing site writeups.

If a featured site goes offline, their write-up is deleted.

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