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Randy Cassingham's Bonzer Web Sites of the Week: Recognizing Interesting Sites that are Beyond the Microsoft/AOL-Time Warner/Media Megalith

Bonzer Web Sites of the Week

Most Recent Bonzer Site: Opening Themes

In addition to our usual strange-but-true stories, reader letters, commentary, and the popular Honorary Unsubscribe, This is True occasionally includes a short write-up of a "Bonzer Web Site". Those write-ups are archived here. ("Bonzer" is Australian slang meaning "great" or "excellent". The word is pretty much out of favor in Australia, but Americans know it from various movies).

Part of the idea is to encourage independent content; the Bonzer Sites aren't about promoting Yet Another MSN/AOL/MegaMedia Conglomerate effort. We have a big readership, and we prefer to use the power of our readership to encourage and reward labors of love over corporate shilling. Thus, Bonzer Sites are not necessarily meant to represent "the best" in any particular category. Rather, they're meant to bring interesting sites to our readers that they might have otherwise missed. So we're absolutely not interested in responses like "This week's site is good, but [whatever site] is better." Yeah, thanks, but we all know about Google, OK? The point here is to tell you about great sites you may not have already heard about.

External sites open in a new window. (Site doesn't respond? Try later -- some sites get very bogged down when our large reader base surfs in all at once. Or upgrade your subscription -- Premium subscribers get the links days before they're published in our free edition so they can visit before the rush.)

Please do not suggest sites. This is now an occasional feature of This is True, and we never know when we'll have time to write one up.

If a featured site goes offline, their write-up is deleted.

The Authors

Before 2008, all Bonzer site write-ups were done by This is True author Randy Cassingham.

From 2008 to 2010 the write-ups are done by reader volunteers, who are identified by their initials at the end of each item. The volunteers behind those initials are:

Everything after 2010 -- or any item that doesn't show someone else's initials -- are written by Randy Cassingham.

"Bonzer" site owners: The date shown is the This is True issue date, always a Sunday. Our paid subscribers get the issues first, each Monday night. Then our free edition readers get it on Friday night. So you'll see a surge of traffic starting Monday night, and then a big surge starting the Friday after. Sorry if the crush of our readers causes traffic problems on your site. Because of this possibility, we do try to "spread things out" by letting our paid edition readers have the first look. If nothing else, it's one of the benefits of being a paid subscriber to True.

Click on a site name in the navbar to the right, view the most recent entry, Opening Themes, or see the complete list of Bonzer sites.

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