Making the most of free speech, Wikileaks allows whistleblowers to post documents anonymously, then site users link to and discuss these documents to analyze their credibility and veracity. They say, “when the elephants are dancing, the mice should leave the floor”. That makes Wikileaks either an elephant, or a very, very tough mouse. They regularly stand up to elephants like the Pentagon, The Church of Scientology, former African kleptocrats and various international banks. Swiss banker Julius Baer, who specializes in hiding the assets of the ultra-rich, had a list of private clients published on Wikileaks. On February 15, 2008, lawyers acting on their behalf succeeded in shutting down their site — but only for 2 weeks, and only the U.S. site (Wikileaks maintains mirror sites and aliases in Australia, Belgium, Sweden and other countries to thwart attempts to silence them). It’s just the sort of thing the Internet is good at: providing openness into important issues that can’t be shut up. (ME)

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