U.S. Living Will Registry

No matter where you fall on the Terri Schiavo debate, it’s important to remember one very important thing: that you let your family know what you want done if you end up in desperate condition like Terri. Most states have “living wills” (and/or “Advance Directives for Health Care” power of attorney forms) where you can spell out your wishes in a legal way. One source for such is the U.S. Living Will Registry. (You may or may not want to use their service to store your directives, but you can still get proper forms from their site.) If you don’t have a “living will” (or, for that matter, a Last Will and Testament!), you need one. Even if you’re young and healthy: Schiavo was only in her mid-20s when she was stricken — the same as the other two seminal cases in this field, Karen Ann Quinlan and Nancy Cruzan. Don’t let your inaction lead the courts (or, much worse, legislators!) to determine your fate. If you have questions about the forms, go see a lawyer. It’ll cost a few bucks, sure — but how much did the Schiavo fight cost?

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