The Foundation Foundation

What’s the foundation of the U.S.? Its “certain inalienable rights.” The Foundation Foundation is just that: a charitable foundation to promote our Foundation. “Our mission is to promote awareness and respect for the Bill of Rights as the foundation of our individual freedoms, our laws, and the American system of justice, through the design and crafting of Bill of Rights displays to be placed on public lands throughout America.” It was …well… founded by Chris Bliss, an entertainer who travels the country. He observes, “Everywhere I go in America these days, people seem to have two things in common: a deep love of our country and the ideals we’ve always stood for in the world, and a growing sense that somehow we’ve lost our way. More than anything, good and decent people of all stripes are dismayed over the deep divisions and polarization within the country, and looking for some positive first step they can take to build a bridge back to common ground. It is this heartfelt longing to rebuild our crumbling national conversation on a foundation of mutual respect, represented so powerfully by the collective genius and spirit of compromise that created the Bill of Rights, that is the inspiration behind the Foundation Foundation.” Awesome, in the true sense of the word.

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