Space Weather

This site doesn’t provide the local forecast for the moon, but rather a lot about what you can see in the sky. Have you looked up at night lately? I mean really looked up? If the Milky Way (which is nothing other than looking at the spiral arm of our own galaxy) doesn’t pop out at you and make you say “Wow!”, then you’re really missing out at how humbling it can be to look up at the sky and let your mind wander like our ancestors did. Space Weather gives you some specific things to look for, updates on astronomy-related e-mail hoaxes (no, Mars will not look “as large as the full moon” in late August), and, yes, a “weather report” about any storms forecast — on the sun. Why might you care about that? Solar flares can interrupt communications, and can create spectacular northern (and southern) lights, if you’re lucky enough to be at the right latitude. Cool site.

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