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Yeah, really: this is just some guy’s blog. It’s not even focused on just one topic: the main sections are offroad motorcycling in a tiny county in southwest Colorado (Ouray — my county!), but also ham radio. For the trail biking portion, blogger Dave Casler takes you on tours of the backwoods of this beautiful part of the state. GPS tracks show you exactly where, and (new!) Dave’s helmetcam shows you what the trails are like, too. (The one time he fell down, he had turned the camera off. Dang it! That video would have gone viral!)

But that’s not Dave’s only hobby: he’s also a ham radio nut (which is how I met him: he was my first contact when I arrived in Colorado in 1996). That section of his site has videos covering every chapter in the beginning ham radio Technician license manual, to point out what you need to learn from that chapter (and any pitfalls). If you go through all of that, you’re almost guaranteed to pass the (relatively easy) licensing test. And you can do it at your own pace.

Last, Dave is also a fantasy novelist (in his copious spare time). Click on the “Mt. Sneffels Press” link for info on his books, if that’s a genre of interest. (My wife and I are even characters in his trilogy. Yeah, really.)

In short, a ton of neat info if you’re interested in any of these three areas.

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