Right to Create

The Right to Create blog’s mission statement: “Exercising the fundamental human right to invent new things and speaking out against the powers that restrain it.” What does that mean? “The freedom to create is an essential human right, with us since time immemorial. For most of world history, an individual could invent at will, using any idea that they encountered or that occurred independently to them. Today, this right has been deeply eroded. Right to Create is dedicated to exposing the abuses of patent and copyright systems, demonstrating that limiting the power of the Intellectual Property Regime will result in a better world for inventors, industry, individuals, and society as a whole.” My livelihood depends on copyrights, yet I think that — due to entertainment industry pressure — they have gotten out of hand. And patents? The recent debacle with the patents behind the Blackberry messenger is a symptom of a disease. Right to Create talks about these issues in understandable terms. These issues do affect you. Here’s where you can learn more about how.

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