Tools to analyze and improve the performance of your PC. Their flagship product is Optimize which identifies junk files, analyzes your Internet performance and browser settings and recommends changes to speed up your web browsing. It identifies unnecessary programs (craplets) which slow your system at startup. It identifies registry errors and changes to Windows settings that can improve your system performance. You need to view the site with an IE browser to run the free diagnostics as it uses ActiveX to do your system analysis. You will get a list of fixes that you have to implement yourself. Be warned, if you run the full version of the optimize health check you are given a big list of fixes it will do for you but you need to purchase the software to actually fix them. I couldn’t resist and bought it. I found the software worked seamlessly and the fixes did improve my system performance and browsing speed noticeably. Their recommendations are based on the measured performance of your PC and the speed of your Internet connection so you are getting relevant recommendations rather then a standard library of fixes. Additionally, they have tools for scanning your drive health, scan for spyware and more. A comprehensive site with lots of information and tools to help keep your PC in tip-top condition. (ME)

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