My Mother’s Jewelry Box

One of my friends who does good independent content is Barbara Feldman, who writes Surfing the Net with Kids — a great site for parents and teachers. Her site — which was featured here way back in 2004 — has been around for years, and offers a free e-mail newsletter. But she has another new project. She has told me over the past year or so of her trials caring for her mother, who is slipping into Alzheimer’s; Barbara put her mom into a “memory care facility” last year. To help cope with it all, Barbara, with her sister-in-law, photographer Shoey Sindel, have started a unique blog of discovery as they go through their mother’s jewelry box. My Mother’s Jewelry Box features Barbara rediscovering a mother-daughter relationship that was interrupted, linked to the contents of an almost bottomless jewelry box. With photos of the jewelry, descriptions and sweet renderings of a sometimes difficult relationship, this new blog details many aspects of lives touched by Alzheimer’s. As an e-mail newsletter publisher by day, Barbara’s new site of course features a free newsletter (a little hard to find the form: see the lower right to subscribe), and invites submissions from readers who may be going through similar trials.

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