Mac Help for Mom

When my mom wanted a computer Way Back When, we kids all agreed: she should get a Macintosh. The problem: all us kids use Windows, so when she has questions or problems, we can’t really help her. So this one’s for you, mom, just in time for Mother’s Day. Steve Loyola was in the exact same position: a Windows and Unix expert whose mom got a Mac, and kept coming to him for help. He has a Mac now too, and is recording his answers when he helps his mom — and, now, other site visitors who have questions — on his Mac Help for Mom site. Examples: How do you take a screenshot? How do you move a browser tab to a new window? And more every week. Plus, because Steve is a friend of mine (we worked together at JPL), he has an e-mail newsletter to alert you (or mom!) when new answers are posted. Sweet! (And yes, that really is his mom in the welcome video on the home page. I’ve met her. 🙂

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