Letters of Note

Shaun Usher gathers “fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos” from history (especially recent history). “Fakes will be sneered at.” Includes scans of the actual letters when available. There’s something for everyone here, such as the original casting memo for Star Trek: The Next Generation. (Sample: “Denise Crosby seems to be the only possibility for the role of ‘Troi’ at this point; the same for J.D. Roth for the role of ‘Wesley.’”) For the more serious, there’s an Arthur C. Clarke letter from 1956 where he not only recaps his idea of communications satellites (“perhaps in 30 years the orbital relay system may take over all the functions of existing surface networks and provide others quite impossible today”), but also predicts satellite TV and GPS! Even Einstein’s thoughts on God. You can get lost for hours browsing these Noteworthy Letters.

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