Hoax Busters

The Big List of Internet Hoaxes: Stashes of illicit Nigerian cash, free laptops and phones, the list of things you can receive from forwarding a few chain emails is apparently without limit. As most of us are aware, these emails are hoaxes. The minority who fall victim to them keep these hoaxes alive and the scammers and spammers in business. The most effective means of combating this issue is education via sites like Hoaxbusters, an ugly but information-rich trove of caveats. There are more comprehensive information sources about particular hoaxes, but Hoaxbusters snapshots important information like five telltale signs to identify a hoax message and basic principles of safe computing; just reading those will make you almost invulnerable to internet hoaxes. A simple site with a simple message: think before you forward or respond to an offer that’s way too good to be true. (ME)

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