Free Printables

Free Printables is actually a network of sites with things you can print, rather than buy, for printed things you use for business, home, kids, whatever. Such as? Business cards, stationery, business forms, resume templates (and resignation letters!), calendars, graph paper (including specialty designs that cost a bunch to buy — when you can find it), award certificates, coloring books, signs, address labels, maps, recipe cards, grocery lists, invitations, mazes, play money, and much, much more. You can typically download PDF or MS Word versions of the item, and print it all you want. Prefer to have a fully customizable version of things like certificates? They’re often available too, for a small fee.

The amazing thing, to me, is that it’s all run by one guy, Kevin Savetz — who happens to have gone to the same journalism school I did (he was a few years behind me, so I didn’t meet him then), so we know all the same professors. I’m always impressed by a guy working essentially by himself to bring something fun or useful to the ‘net, so even if I hadn’t finally met him in person he’d still get an enthusiastic thumbs up here.

If there’s something you need that Free Printables doesn’t have (unlikely!), there’s a form to contact Kevin with suggestions. And a free e-mail newsletter lets you know what’s new. Very cool!

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