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The media likes to portray the U.S. as strongly divided: Red state, blue state. “Pro-choice”, “pro-life”. Less filling, tastes great. But the reality is the vast majority of us are much closer to the middle: less government, more freedom. More personal responsibility, less whining. Less profiteering, more fairness. The Cato Institute is a small-L libertarian think tank which promotes “traditional American principles of limited government, individual liberty, free markets and peace. Toward that goal, the Institute strives to achieve greater involvement of the intelligent, concerned lay public in questions of policy and the proper role of government” — the very ideas behind the American Revolution. Their philosophy “combines an appreciation for entrepreneurship, the market process, and lower taxes with strict respect for civil liberties and skepticism about the benefits of both the welfare state and foreign military adventurism.” In other words, less divisiveness and more thought-provoking, intelligent ideas through publications, newsletters, and more.

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