72 Hours

April 18 was the 100th anniversary of the San Francisco earthquake, a 7.7 to 7.8 (Richter) magnitude blow to a teeming metropolis that also sparked a raging fire. Between the two, the vast majority of the city was destroyed. Could it happen again? Oh yes. And not just in San Francisco. But it’s not just earthquakes: no matter where you live, something could happen: a mud slide, a fire, a tornado, a terrorist attack, a hurricane, a tsunami — the list goes on. “Are you prepared?” asks the web site 72 Hours. Created by (yep!) the San Francisco Office of Emergency Services, this site helps you prepare yourself and your family for an emergency, urging you to be able to take care of yourself for at least 72 hours. In a disaster you are the priority of …no one. If you don’t prepare, you can’t expect anyone else to come to your aid, since everyone else has their own family to worry about. There’s good information there; it’s up to you to use it to prepare before the next disaster strikes.

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